Workshop on “International Trade and Competitiveness” Advance level

The training delivery on International Trade and Competitiveness which focused on more advanced modules from the syllabus took place in May 7-11, 2012 and was preceded by a preparatory session held the week prior to the training course. As during the previous December this training was planned and delivered by the ERIT team, with the Estey Centre acting as coaches and mentors, providing advice and guidance as required.  The delivery demonstrated that ERIT has developed a strong capacity to offer high quality short professional courses on international trade and competiveness to central part trade and industry sectors as well as private sectors.

The trainers consisted of members of the ERIT team supplemented by expert resources from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. During the week prior to the training course the Estey Centre met with the trainers to review plans for the delivery of each module and to provide advice as required. Consistent with the training-of-trainers approach, the course was delivered entirely by members of the ERIT/GSEU team, supported by invited resource persons from other Lao-based organizations, with coaching and general guidance provided by the Estey Centre. 

Feedback from the training team once again confirmed the benefit of careful preparation by each trainer in advance of the delivery. The process helped to clarify a number of technical issues, as well as to coordinate the actual delivery process. The trainers thoroughly planned, including updating and modifying the course content to meet their own needs, for instance by refining specific content to meet individual delivery styles, to suit the needs of the expected audience and by adding local examples.

The excellent preparation paid off in the form of confident, clear delivery.  ERIT has been very successful in assembling and developing a highly- motivated and well prepared core team, which bodes well for building and sustaining its capacity to delivery high quality training. The core ERIT staff has been supplemented with the enthusiastic participation of specialists from other departments.


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